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      The mobile web browser usage is growing;

I guess we all know that...

Statistics from several sources have shown that people are using various types of mobile devices to browse the web. I suppose the main thrust in increased mobile usage for web browsing has come after the launch of iPhone. Why? Because when it comes to mobile browsing, the iPhone is way better than other devices. And we say this from studying the numbers ...


What is important is that your website must be able to accommodate these web-surfers. In the next ten years it is predicted that approx 50% of internet surfers will be doing it using their mobile handsets. The development of handsets and mobile browsers is a huge industry and will grow even more in the next couple of years.

When we at BloemSBN design and setup your website, we are equipped to also setup a mobile version of your site, and there are various ways of doing that, however the most important issue is that you have the option with BloemSBN to order your mobile-website with your normal website, and be sure to capture the MOBILE traffic as well!

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